Love has Found Me

Love has found me in a passionate way and merged my love, desire, and lust
All I imagine when she’s away
is my tongue on her body, wishing it was
When we’re together, she teases me first
Only allowing me to touch her with my hands
The way she moves entices my thirst
and that’s when she suddenly demands
Kiss my neck, she says with a tilt
as she moves her body to feed me her breasts
My need is such, I hope for some milk
being unquenched, I begin pecking her flesh
Kissing down her side as she slowly rolls over
my lips feel her pulse in the soft, sweet curves
Her back arches and my tongue begins to hover
through her inviting crevice leading to her door
I push my face in deeply, she pushes against me
My tongue goes deep inside her dark treasure
Holding her hips and massaging her intensely
finding the spots that give her the most pleasure
She raises her bottom and opens her thighs
to present her ready, wet mound to my hungry lips
Gently kissing them, I slip my tongue inside
while my face is buried deep in her hips

Sipping her moisture while licking her sweetness
feeling her warm sugar flowing on my tongue
My thirst is so much that even her wetness
isn’t enough to quench my desire for long

Rising up next to her, my stiffness caresses
the soft, luscious skin that once touched my lips
Sliding in easily, I fill her with my hardness
as she slowly begins moving her hips

Sliding in then out as we move together
each time I penetrate deeper into her
I feel her heart beating faster and faster
then she suddenly I felt her mound grow tighter

We cum together in a passionate kiss
as I pulse inside her tight, wet body
Then we lay together in an erotic bliss
covered in the love between her and me

Tim Eros

Death of me.

As I sit at my beautiful desk staring down at my book. I look at my hands and wrists clean of slits. Addicted to a type of sadness, I remove my shirt and turn around. As I look in the mirror I see lines of blood oozing out of my body. I see a coward with his back slashed. I see a figure who is addicted to alcohol. I see a figure who is weak. I see I am alone now, I see that I was never with a partner.

The sound of my belt slapping my back won’t stop me today. The tears from my eyes won’t drop my belt. Tonight nothing will stop the pain. Tomorrow at sunrise the pain will vanish.
The future will be bright with my mom.
As she waits for her arms to hold her son.

I have no idea where she is and that scares the shit out of me.. i’m not sleeping tonight that’s for sure

Sucks that I cant get you anything because I’m far away. You deserve the world and more.

I walk this path alone. The soft foot steps trailing behind me. As I look to my left a shadow against the wall staring right at my back waiting for my next move. The rain pounding hard down on the road. I turn back and realize that the shadow was holding a belt. The shadow is me. The quiet guy in the hallways, the geek in the science lab, the fatass holding the spiderman lunch kit. He looks at the puddle on the ground and sees a reflection of a little boy with two black eyes. He whispers ‘It’s okay Karny boy, one day you’ll be Superman’.

Grandfather passed away. 86 years old. In his sleep. Peaceful. No sound. Just peace..
I miss him but I can’t say I’m shocked or angry. He was a great guy with a good heart. Waheguru protect him.

I guess I live another day with an ice pack over my body..

I’m looking for something from others and when I don’t find it, I beat myself over it.

I shouldn’t be looking for things from people, especially when I know that this world is filled with self centered people.

Today I took my favourite work mug home.
Today I threw away the food I had in my fridge.
Today I packed my clothes in my suitcase.
Today I wrote my wish list.
Today I washed my car.
Today I ironed my dress shirts.
Today I rolled my ties in my closet.
Today I polished my shoes.
Today I taught the kids to read.
Today I taught them how to cook.
Today I learned to tie a rope.
Today I learned how to read a pill bottle.
Today I learned how to take my belt off.
Today I learned the little things that mattered to me most.
Today I learned I am no longer loved.
Today I learned no one would help me.
Today I learned I wasnt alive.
Today I found out what a zombie was.
Today I am writing to you about my life.
Tonight I am ending my life.

Loss of hope
No love to be found
No love given
Life finished
Death near
Rope tied up
Gun loaded
Pill bottles emptied
Belt unbuckled
Bourbon filled glass
Tears filled chest
More harm
Less shame
Lights off
Pain on
Life off